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DC Community Land Trust - Executive Director Posted Feb 27
City First Enterprises / Douglass Community Land Trust , Washington, DC
Organization Overview:

The proposed Douglass Community Land Trust (DCLT) is an

innovative initiative to establish a non-profit community land

trust with an initial focus on the neighborhoods in Ward 8, East of

the Anacostia River. The DCLT is intended to fulfill one of the key

recommendations of the Equitable Development Plan (EDP) that was

created through a comprehensive, community-driven planning process

led by the non-profit Building Bridges Across the River (BBAR).

BBAR is partnering with the city to transform an old freeway bridge

structure into a new civic space. The goal of BBAR's Equitable

Development Plan is to ensure that the park is a driver of

inclusive development- development that provides opportunities for

all residents regardless of income and demography. Over the last

several years, BBAR has been working with City First Enterprises, a

local CDFI, to engage the community, promote awareness, and begin

the process of establishing the DCLT. The DCLT is intended to

create and preserve permanently affordable home ownership and

rental housing opportunities for low- and moderate-income

households by stewarding land as a permanent community asset.

In the initial stage, City First, in conjunction with BBAR, is

serving to incubate the project and help to establish a newly

formed non-profit organization to serve the DCLT. The position will

be part of City First initially, but transition to the DCLT as soon

as practicable. This effort is supported by a local Advisory

Committee which provides guidance and helps to set priorities until

the non-profit is established. The DCLT requires an Executive

Director who can build the organization, help to establish its

board, and build its staff, assets, and operating support. The

Executive Director will also be responsible for the establishment

and implementation of annual goals and objectives; programing; and

administrative and financial oversight of the organization.


Organization / Executive Functions: Lead the start-up

establishment and implementation of the DCLT, including hiring

qualified staff and building infrastructure, developing and

overseeing relationships with developers, partners, consultants and

other stakeholders, and working cooperatively with Advisory

Committee, BBAR, City First, District and other stakeholders to

establish the governance framework and recruit board members. Lead

the execution of the organization's business plan, with a focus on

attaining scale via the acquisition and development of DCLT units.

Manage the organization, build a diverse DCLT team to execute its

growth plan and oversee its stewardship activities. Model and set

the DCLT's culture, values and behaviors.

Real Estate: Oversee a range of DCLT developments, directly and

in partnership with CLT partner organizations, from acquisition and

development of scattered single-family homes to multi-family rental

properties, on a standalone basis or in partnership with other

developers. Ensure compliance with internal policies and external

legal requirements for all DCLT activities.

Public Education and Relationships: Represent the DCLT

initiative to the public-including community residents, public

officials, funders, lenders, partners, and other stakeholders.

Establish trusted relations with key partners and stakeholders and

act as a point of contact for all interested parties. Ensure the

DCLT's website is up to date. Provide education on DCLTs to

organizations and general public-emphasizing how the DCLT addresses

the affordable housing needs for low- and middle-income residents,

supports neighborhood "in-placement" (rather than displacement),

stewards land and property, and other affordable housing issues.

Represent DCLT to the media, emphasizing how the real estate

activities of the organization meet the needs of neighborhoods and

those residents adversely affected by the lack of affordable home

ownership opportunities. Collaborate with advocates to and partners

to represent the DCLT's interests, including local and national

peer groups, such as the Coalition for Nonprofit Housing and

Economic Development and the Grounded Solutions Network, among


Funding Functions: Direct fundraising efforts to support DCLT

operations and development. This includes writing and submitting

grant requests, soliciting corporate and foundation donations,

meeting with individual donors, and raising below market rate debt

to expand affordable housing.

Support Functions: Provide support for the board of directors,

including development of the board.Assure board members complete

the roles and assignments they have accepted; meeting agreed on

timelines and assisting with access to resources as needed to

complete assignments. Research issues before the board so that all

activities flow from informed decisions.

Record Keeping Functions: Public and Private investment-Maintain

accurate financial records regarding public and private investment

as well as the value of donated properties held in trust, assuring

compliance with grantor/donor requirements and government laws.

Ensure accurate financial records of resales so that the criteria

of the community land trust resale formula can be fulfilled. Annual

audit-provide materials for an annual audit to assure compliance

with all governmental regulations; also, compliance with private

grantor requirements concerning permanent subsidy funds.

Experience and


Building a successful community land trust requires a leader who

understands how community land trusts operate, who is comfortable

with new ventures, is a self-starter and is action and

results-oriented. More specifically, we look for candidates with

experience in these areas:

Executive Leadership - Prior experience in leading

organizations, building staff and board capabilities, setting and

implementing strategic vision, and directing efficient, effective

operations; direct experience in building organizations from

inception to fully functioning, sustainable operations highly


Real Estate Development - Experience in leading

residential and/or commercial real estate community development

projects in urban neighborhoods undergoing significant transitions;

knowledge of effective affordable housing solutions and approaches;

hands-on understanding of working with multiple cross sector

stakeholders to complete development projects.

Financial Leadership / Fundraising - Experience in

working with philanthropic individuals and foundations, corporate

investors and other parties to fund large scale projects;

demonstrated knowledge of effective financial management techniques

and reporting.

Nonprofit or Public Sector Leadership - Experience in

working with nonprofit or public sector agencies to deliver high

value community service; proven ability to build long-term

relationships with wide variety of stakeholders; experience in

leading and managing community driven change while working in

partnership with board, investors, and staff.

To be successful in this role, candidates must have these

personal qualities:

Integrity: Honest, trustworthy and

operates in best interest of organization

Credibility: Track record of

delivering tangible outcomes over time

Inspiring: Builds enthusiasm and

support in others for the effort

Initiative: Has clear capacity to act

and the confidence to act even when there are many unknowns

Vision: Identifies gaps in community

needs and forges a vision to fill them in a timely way; performance


Responsive: Listens to all parties and

responds appropriately

Adaptable: Identifies and works with

team to manage change; can implement transformational place-based


Candidates must have at minimum a bachelor's degree in planning

or other relevant field, and must be willing to engage as an active

member in the community.

Compensation & Benefits:

Compensation is competitive and commensurate with


How to Apply: Please email resume and

cover letter to . No phone

calls, please.

Employment Type: Permanent

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